Federal Greens


Federal Greens is a luxury twin tower exclusive for Federal Bank Officers. These well-designed homes are consummate to satisfy all the living space expectations of their Officers, with high class technology, architecture and construction. Federal Greens as the name depicts is located in the lush green picturesque destination of Aluva, Mariyapadi. The nature friendly home is very near to U.C.College and is surrounded by all conveniences of the metro city. The area of this grand project is 236892 sqft and has a tower of 18 floors comprising 120 units. Federal Green only consists of 3 BHK apartments and a spark of luxury is engulfed into every space making it more rich and private for its tenants.

Sold Out

Work progress of Federal Greens until November 2, 2017

The main door frame fixing of Federal Greens done on
24th August 2017 at 07.30 am

Block Work Completion of Federal Greens until 13th floor in west tower and 10th floor in east tower.
Lintel completed until 10th floor​ Aug 2017

East Tower – 6 floors brick work completed until lintel level and 1st floor lintel work going on.
West Tower- 7 floors brick work completed until lintel level and 3 floors lintel completed. Jun 15, 2017

Structural Works Completed – May 2017